During my internship in Bandung, Indonesia I was fascinated by a means of public transport called angkot. Angkot is short for angkutan kota and they drive a predetermined route were passengers can get on and off the angkot at any time. There are about forty angkot routes in Bandung alone, and each route has its uniquely coloured angkot. I really liked the different colour schemes so I decided to make an overview of the minivan based angkots only. Currently I have catalogued 31 angkots, my estimate is that this is approximately 80% of the minivan based angkots.

Angkots of Bandung
Few of the angkots of Bandung

I believe with better information by the municipality and a few other minor adjustments the angkot system can become an even better way of cheap, reliable and fast means of public transport.

I made a Python script to dynamically generate the angkot images. All the relative files are provided in the compressed archive:

Angkots currently catalogued:
Abdul Muis - Cicaheum, Abdul Muis - Dago, Abdul Muis - Ledeng, Antapani - Ciroyom, Bumi Panyileukan - Sekemirung, Caheum - Cileunyi, Caheum - Ledeng, Cibaduyut - Karang Setra, Cicadas - Cibiru, Cicadas - Elang, Ciroyom - Ciburial, Ciroyom - Cikudapateuh, Ciroyom - Sarijadi, Cisitu - Tegalega, Ciwastra - Cicaheum, Ciwastra - Cijerah, Dago - Riung Bandung, Elang - Gd. Bage, Leuwih Panjang - Kircon, Panghegar Permai - Dipati Ukur, Pasar Indung Caringin - Dago, Sadang Serang - Caringin, Sederhana - Cimindi, Sederhana - Cipagalo, St. Hall - Ciumbeuleuit, St. Hall - Dago, St. Hall - Gd. Bage, St. Hall - Gunung Batu, St. Hall - Lembang, St. Hall - Sadang Serang, St. Hall - Sarijadi


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