I wanted to create a polaroid effect using ImageMagick and discovered there is a -polaroid transformation operator to do this. Though the result looks nice, it was not polaroidish enough for me. A real polaroid picture has to have a larger border at the bottom to my opinion. I found the original work which led to the polaroid transformation operator. I used this and tweaked it a little to get a larger border at the bottom.

Custom polaroid effect Out-of-the-box effect
Custom polaroid effect on the left and out-of-the-box polaroid effect on the right.

The parameters used to create the images shown above is given below.

# Custom polaroid effect
convert -size 334x406 canvas:"#f0f0ff" -background none \
lena.png -geometry 300x300+17+17 \
-composite -interpolate nearest \
-rotate 90 -wave 5x812 -rotate -90 \
\( +clone -flop -background grey75 -shadow 70x5+15+15 \) \
+swap -background none \
-layers merge -resize 144 -rotate 5 polaroid1.png

# Out-of-the-box polaroid effect
convert lena.png -thumbnail 130x130 \
-bordercolor white -background grey75  -polaroid 5 polaroid2.png


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